Denise みか Hutchins
Studio Mikarts
Cute & Colorful, Detailed & Distinct

Studio Mikarts

Cute & Colorful, Detailed & Distinct


About Me

Mikarts is the art studio of Denise Hutchins, commonly known by her online alias "Mika" (みか). She specializes in creating two-dimensional works of art and illustration that are often cute & colorful and always detailed & distinct. She utilizes a variety of physical media such as ink, colored pencil, marker, and watercolor, as well as digital programs including Photoshop and Manga Studio. Her art is made with the intent to inspire optimism in, bring happiness to, and elicit positive emotions from her audience. If you find yourself smiling, nodding, or cooing at her creations, her work is successfully done.

Artist's Statement

“My life's purpose is to encourage the good in the world."

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